Living a dream starts with dreaming your life!

It sounds easy but for many it's not that simple. Still you need to start somewhere, but how? I always said "Take that one step, and at step 3 you're running"!
Taking the first step toward a dream is the hardest one.

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The Cycling Duthcman actually started when I was a 7 year old boy. While travelling Australia with my mom and big sister we met 2 cyclists in the middle of the outback. Literaly 3000km of sand in every direction, and there they stood with theire bikes... Maybe a bit crazy yet I thought it was amazing! I want that too! 16 years later...

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The most amazing thing of my trip is definitely the friendliness of people everywhere around the world. No matter your religion, amount of money or skincolour, The Cycling Dutchman was accepted wherever he went. As a result I have literally slept everywhere; in mosques, temples, churches but also sewage systems...

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Motivating children, showing them the corners of the world on an adventurous and new way; thats what The Cycling Dutchman tried to achieve for 2 years. First of all by making a video diarie (vlog) for National Geografic Junior, and in addition by visiting local schools. As a result I got more and more invatations to...

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