'Start with one step, run after 3'

You should start somewhere, you got the idea but why don't you just do it? Yup, you actually know it: 'excuses'... Let's get writ of them shouldn't we?


After telling your lover, your family or your best friend about your next adventure you can't back out anymore. If they discusrage you, they have not lived there dream yet! They don't know the feeling yet. Make sure you don't let it go of your dream. Tell more people, at one moment you will find that buddy that thinks with you instead of against you. You have already got a better idea about what you want now, now go to step 2!


There are people who stumble onto there own dream, true. But are you going to gamble your life on a one in a million chance? Suddenly it sound stupid he? So start doing research! Make sure you know everything about your dream; location, weather, time, distance... What do you need? How much do you need to train? What is the cost? All those numbers will be overwhelming, just like your dream itself. It's so big, but so exciting!


You will be getting more and more enthusiastic. Your dream is starting to take shape! Maybe it's not completely what you thought before, but now it is realistic tho. You should be feeling that it is possible! If you miss this feeling you should be very honest to yourself: have you done all the research 100%? It takes time, you want to go, I know! But no gambles, you got to start running! It's getting 4 real. I believe in you, go for it! Continue to step 4.

Focus on your dream.

This dream isn't impossible, the way you think is what is going to make it! Go positive, stay positive.

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