Cool that you want to know more about me; this is the place to be! I have cycled around the world, but as we say in Dutch: 'I am a busy bee'. I do way more than just cycling;
did you know I worked on a project on Antarctica for example?  Or that I got involved in a television show?All these things made me to who I am now. The biggest milestones, characteristics and experiences are highlighted on this page.
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Fighter, Creator, Challenger and Perfectionist but that's just the start!

I do what I say, I take responsibility for what I do and I am pro-active. In a team "I" becomes "Us" however and with my mindset, organisation and managing skills a captain is born. All aboard!



Being able to motivate yourself, motivate others or even motivate a complete team is a powerful quality. Someone who has a natural drive is a pillar, a spinal cord of a company. Never down, never low, just power!



I am a teacher, and not just one. I love the psychological side of education, the problems and that little push at the right moments. Knowing how to handle 32 adolescents (14/16 years) gives you skills for life.



Flexibility is a must now days. You must be able to take a chance when it's there, it's not going to wait for you! Also when working with people you need to be able to adapt, go with the flow or admit a fault and change the path...



Being a mechanical engineer is one thing, but also being able to communicate and transfer your technical expertise to others is rare. I can work with 3D CAD-programs, but also translate idea's into reality.



Photography is something you can only learn by practicing. 2 years non stop I filming myself, making more than 250.000 photos and working with professional photographers from National Geographic, BBC and The Film Company.


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